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working with you

We believe in collaboration and creative thinking. You may know exactly what you want, but we might know what will work better. If that’s the case, be sure to hear that from us.

we know how

Everyday we work with many businesses in different verticales. We have profound expertise and knowledge in software development, that we want to share with you so that you have the best solution to your problems.

no cultural barriers

We have western mentality and work ethics and we are on the same wavelength with you, so you can be sure there will be no misunderstandings. Plus, there is almost no time difference, so no need to wait 12 hours to get a response from us.

understand your needs

We do not just perform the tasks but aim at achieving the best possible result. That is why we take time to understand your project inside out and to build a development plan that will cover the full scope and will provide the most efficient solution.

Saving your time

As a business owner, you’ve probably long forgotten calm weekends and holidays. That’s about to change with us. You do not need to micromanage your work with us: we’ve got you covered!

Staying up to date

As a dynamic team we keep up with latest industry trends and technical advancements and try to incorporate them in all of our projects.

Professional approach

We work only on projects we are confident to complete successfully. Our goal is to use our expertise and knowledge to bring innovation in the fields we are passionate about. Our time is too short to spend on ideas and projects we are never going to finish in high-quality.



For a successful progression of a project, we always start with understanding its scope and all the nuances.


Once we know everything we need to know about the project, we put it on paper, create the project plan with timeline and do the budgeting


We take our time to do some research, customer profiling, brainstorming and discussing everything with you in the design phase to avoid too many costly iterations in the development phase


Once the mock-ups are discussed and agreed with you, we will start the development process. We break your project into sprints and communicate with you on a daily basis. You won’t even notice we are not at your office.


Our QA works hand in hand with the development, to make sure that whatever we deliver is properly tested and corresponds to the project requirements.


We are not going to walk away from you when the software is deployed. We will stay with you as long as you need us for and help you with software enhancements or changes.

Weem Team - dream team

Arman Tshitoyan
Lusine Shakhoyan
Grigor Grigoryan
Armen Deroyan
Senior back-end developer
Bengur Hayrapetyan
Back-end developer
Satenik Movsesyan
Product owner
Taron Simonyan
Front-end developer
Lusine Nadoyan
Front-end developer
Andranik Kocharyan
Back-end developer
Artur Aghakaryan
Front-end developer
Inga Ivanova
UI/UX designer
Vardan Aleksanyan
Back-end developer

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